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Virtual Tour Statistics

Results from a 2006 survey of the website.

  • In one month (March 2006) 3.09 million people went to the website (1.28 million in Ontario).
  • 39% used the website a few times a week.
  • 20.5% used the website daily.
  • 70% of users said that they would improve the website by adding more photos.
  • 80% of Home Buyers use the Internet as the starting point for their home search.

A Virtual Tour on the attracts more attention to that listing.

  • Listings with Virtual Tours sell quicker and for more money.
  • listings with Virtual Tours receive 75% more hits than those without Virtual Tours.
  • A Virtual Tour is essentially a 24/7 Open House.

  • Hundreds of potential home buyers will view the home.  (view the counter on the Virtual Tour so you can see exactly how many people have seen it).
  • The Virtual Tour will show off all of the selling features of your listing.
  • All Virtual Tours will be posted to the following websites.,, the realtor company's website and the realtor's personal website.
  • receives over 100,000 visitors each month.

Celebrating 12 years and over 30,000 Virtual Tours

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