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  • Feature Sheets - Create and edit ready-to-print feature sheets for any of your listings with a virtual tour.
  • Sold - You now have the ability to mark your Virtual Tours as sold. Keep the tour up on your website for as long as you like.
  • Change The Price - You can easily change the price on the Virtual Tour.
  • Extend Your Tour - You will still receive your expiry reminders after 100 days, but now you have the ability to see exactly how long each of your tours has until it expires.
  • Add Text - You can include descriptions to the photos in the Virtual Tour. Example: include a description of the granite countertop to be displayed above the kitchen photo.
  • Change MLS Number - You can change the MLS number of the Virtual Tour so it will still be displayed on the MLS.
  • Invoices - You can view all of your invoices in one place.

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